Kralanx changed our security audit from a boring checklist into an in depth expert evaluation and truly insightful conversation. We wouldn’t have passed our security audits without this.

Eric Wade

COO, StakeBase

‘We had been looking for innovative ways to enhance our security awareness campaign. Kralanx through their partnership with KnowBe4  have provided us with the right technology solutions to do so’

Keith Cauchi

IT Security Manager, MeDirect Bank

“We are really happy with the service that was provided by Kralanx. They thoroughly analysed our policies and procedures and gave us valuable recommendations on how to manage our cyber security risk. “

Andre Darmanin

General Manager, Aramis Capital Europe

Technology Partners

“Jean-Michel is a highly skilled cybersecurity professional with excellent communication skills. During the time that I have known Jean-Michel he demonstrated a practical approach to the implementation of solutions that not only address security and risk concerns but also business challenges. His cross functional knowledge of IT security and the respective tools available for enterprises makes him a valuable asset in this extremely important area in todays marketplace.”

Anton Dalli

Director, Blockchain Advisory

Jean Michel has an in-depth knowledge of the cybersecurity world. He is very approachable and professional. He took the time to understand our processes and provided recommendations to strengthen our organization. Jean Michel was of immense value with the assigned tasks and went beyond the brief to ensure that as a firm we would have covered all aspects of the requirements.
Jean Michel is very helpful and very responsive to our requests.

Pierre Zammit

Chief Operating Officer, WH Partners

Some of The Tools in Our Arsenal


Our Advanced Cyber Security Services


Today’s day and age is filled with a world of different choices which leads to high amount of noise, making it difficult for individuals to identify which tools and services they really need. The majority of our chosen solutions appear in Gartner. We only use world class cyber security tools and service providers to ensure maximum effectiveness of cyber security malta. We do this because we believe in simplicity for our customers and we know that choosing the right security tools can be particulary stressful; We try to make the process as seamless as possible, providing you with just enough of the right information. Please take the time to look at a quick overview of the services which we provide. If you see that we are missing a particular service which you would like to see here then please do get in touch. Note: we do not do firewalls for the specific reason that we are focused on advanced cyber security malta.

Social Engineering

Identity Access Management

Penetration Testing


The importance of penetration testing has become more prevalent in recent years. The biggest headache when it comes to pen testing is false positives. You know that feeling whereby suddenly 4 hours have flown by and you realize that you’ve spent all this time trying to fix something which wasn’t really there. Fear not, we use a multitude of enterprise grade tools and combine the results into report with the intention of having the lowest possible false positive rate and maximum visibility. We offer every kind of pen test possible as well as using different techniques for each engagement. The importance of this is simple; perspective. Different kinds of penetration testing are the same as looking at a work of art from different angles; you may notice things from certain angles that you didn’t notice in others. All a part of the best cyber security malta service.

Network(External, Internal & Wireless)

Mobile Application(MAST)



As industries grown and develop, so does compliance. It has become an imperative function in the operation of some of the most complex organizations out there. Compliance can be as generic as GDPR and as specific as PCI DSS. We provide end to end services for the below mentioned compliance. This ranges all the way from gap analysis, to preperation and ultimately to certification. We do this by engaging with the right companies for each point of the process so that conflict of interest would never be an issue. 


ISO 27001/20000



IT Security Consulting


IT Security can be confusing enough when simply talking about tools. Policy and procedures can be some of the most ominous part. Whether your policy is outdated or you’re in the process of taking your first stab at this type of policy, we are here to help. A good starting step is to formulate your initial IT security strategy. Whether you’re a payment gateway or a Hotelier, look to us to help you adopt the best practices in cyber security malta. 

IT Security Strategy

Business Continuity Planning Audit/Testing

Payment Gateway Security Analysis

General IS Risk Assesment



Got a blockchain idea/whitepaper which you want built? Look no further, we’ve developed an ERC20 compatible token which we can rollout for you either as part of our network or completely standalone. Our system is fast, efficient and most importantly secure. We have pre built APIs which are used to connect your off chain technology directly to your own private blockchain. We can roll out a number of token and coin templates for you within a matter of days.

Cyber Security Malta


We are aimed at providing advanced cyber security services in Malta. We are aimed at improving security awareness across industries and providing companies and organizations with the ultimate in defense and reactive technologies. We are backed by a team of over 1,000 people which we further leverage through the optimization of AI technology. This fine equilibrium between man and machine is how we secure our customers in the most efficient methods possible. With over 15,000 vulnerabilities discovered in 2016 and over 20,000 vulnerabilities discovered in 2017, keeping information safe has become awfully difficult and as time progresses as will the complexity of this problem.

For this reason we position ourselves above the innovation curve to remain a step ahead of the industry and to share this knowledge and know how with our customers so that they can be protected; around the clock, 24×7.

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