About Kralanx

Kralanx Cyber Security is a distributor of hardcore products and services, specializing in managed services. If you’re looking for anti-viruses and firewalls, look elsewhere. If however you’re after more intense services like a threat intelligence platform, managed detection & response or red teaming then you’ve come to the right place. 

About Kralanx

Kralanx was originally started in 2018 as a company providing a private blockchain platform based off ERC-20. It’s founder, Jean-Michel Azzopardi then thought how he could combine his blockchain expertise with his existing skill set and thus the cyber security arm was born.

While Kralanx is aimed at providing cyber security to traditional industries, such as banking, insurance, government and enterprise a whole;  we maintain a strong focus in the blockchain space.

Kralanx is particularly interested in securing crytpo exchanges. With over 1BN USD worth of crypto stolen in 2018 alone, it’s an industry which could benefit immensely from the hardcore security which Kralanx provides. 

Our Company Mission

Deliver best in class solutions from the best providers around the world. We do not compromise on quality. We provide the highest fidelity services in the industry. We strive to balance security, privacy and ease of use to create a harmonious experience for our customers. 

Our Vision

To deliver cyber security solutions and services and will allow you to transform the security of your organization and empower your business. We aim to simplify security in order to make it digestable for our customers allowing them to take an informed decisioon.

CE0 & Founder

About Kralanx

Jean-Michel has worked with IBM, SAP and Acunetix and has negotiated cyber security deals with companies and governments across Asia including Apple, Huawei and some of the largest fortune companies around the world. Having been involved in a number of start ups, he prides himself in striking a balance between corporate standards and SME efficiency…..


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