How to Prevent a Cryptocurrency Exchange Hack with Kralanx

With exchanges dropping like flies due to hacks, the industry has become more privy to nature of cyber security. That being said, the security sphere is vast and if you’re part of an exchange, then it’s always worth asking “how can we prevent a cryptocurrency exchange hack”.

Brief List of Cryptocurrency Exchange Hacks



































What Prevention Methods Should You Consider?

We cannot stress enough the dire importance of off-chain technology. Blockchain technology is technically extremely secure. What most people tend to forget is that blockchain is heavily reliant on tradition technology i.e off chain tech. Things like mobile applications, front ends, exchanges etc are all predominately built on traditional tech which is as naturally vulnerable to exploits.



Cryptocurrency Exchange Hack

Managed DevSecOps

Integrate security into your software development life cycle. Add security into your functional spec and see it come to fruition in development, quality and production environments.  Paramount for preventing a cryptocurrency exchange hack.

24x7 Managed Detection & Response

Crypto exchanges never sleep, neither do hackers. Protect and montior your systems 24×7365 using AI and a team of 1,000 people. When a cryptocurrency exchange hack takes place, we’ll jump in and stop it in real time.

Penetration Testing

An absolute must for any crypto exhange who is serious about the way it conducts business. We offer Application, Network and Mobile App Pen Testing. Imperative to prevent a cryptocurrency exchange hack.


When  trying to prevent a cryptocurrency exchange hack, you need to be creative and resourceful. Honeypots are traps placed within your environment which act as lures to hackers.

Smart Contract Penetration Testing

You’ve designed a smart contract, but have you accounted for all the possibilities which could occur. Ensuring that no holes exist in your exchange can mean the difference between failure and success.

Red Teaming

Pen Testing is one thing, Red teaming is a different kettle of fish. We offer a pro team of hackers to execute a cryptocurrency exchange hack. Live simulation of what exactly would happen in real life.

Consulting & Audit

Security is all about strategy; making sure that you have the right controls in place to prevent a cryptocurrency exchange hack. Below a few examples of the consulting services which we provide that would prove beneficial in adjusting your organization’s overall cyber security posture.

Cryptocurrency Exchange Hack

General Cyber Risk AssesMent

Where are you most exposed? What controls do you have in place and what you need to do to get on track. These are just a few questions which we answer in this audit. If you’re not sure where to start, this would be a good place to do so.

Security Policy Conformation Audit

Do you have a complex security policy which you’re not sure is being adhered to? We’ll analyze your security policy and manually check each of your offices to ensure full compliance. If you don’t have a security policy, we can also build one for you.

ISO 27001

For those who take security really seriously, ISO 27001 is a perfect choice. Besides increasing your overall company security, you can use this to market to your consumers to show them just how seriously you take cyber security.

Would You Like To Prevent a Cryptocurrency Exchange Hack?

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