Incident Analysis Service


Get true threat data correlated at machine speed which identifies threat based on behavior, it’s target, it’s source and it’s tools. See a full view on targeted assets including current asset activity, asset changes, and the ever important indicators of compromise. Should compliance alerts arise we add contextual information to help you make sense from these alerts. All of this and more with our incident analysis service.


Incident Analysis

Automated Incidence Analysis

One of the core pillars of our MDR service.  Chasing alerts manually has become a thing of the past. With our advanced machine algorithim, we score individual alerts through the correlation of enriched threat data. Our scoring input is based on external intelligence, asset value, vulnerabilites, propogation as well as attacker behaviour in order to ensure that you respond to threats as fast as possible.

For the best possible accuracy, our incident Analysts, parse the machine data for you so that alerts aren’t simply managed by arbitrary rules. This means that your orgnaization is no longer constrained by limits of your security staff.

Incidence Analysis

Wider and Deeper Incident Analysis

To truly determine if an incident has really occurred and whether it’s worth your time you must look at a number of different data sources. We analyze likely levels of damage in accordange with their likely impact, blast radius as well as attacker attributes.

We embrace the maximization of breadth of coverage by leverage technologies prior to incident analysis using tools such as threat hunting and security monitoring. We optimize at each function across the kill chain with the aim of providing you with the best 24x7x365 security via MDR.

Why Choose Kralanx for Incident Analysis?

Receive Detailed Incident Mitigation Steps Specific to Your Environment; Swiftly.

Accurate & In-Depth Incident Analysis Reports

We provide you with highly curated incident analysis reports which describe a full attack campaign. Our reports go beyond current isolated alert standards to provide detailed mitigation steps for your IT and cyber security teams to follow. 

Centralized Data Collection and Analysis Tools

We bring together all relevant threat data in one simple view. Reporting tools can be found in the same view, providing you with an extensive range of reporting and analytics tools giving you real time insight whenever you want it.

Detailed Case Management

Deploy systematic case management in order to trace alerts from validation to invesitgation. You get full insight into investigation history as well as forensic data and results. Our Indicent intelligence also shows you which incidents are most liekly to occur and to which targets.

Full Visibility Covering All Systems

Our incidence analysis service extended way beyond simple indicators of compormise through the integration of endpoint threat detction and reponse systems which we emplore. Full coexistence, centralized maangement and deeper insights into alerta and incidents.

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