We Bring Your Blockchain Dream to Life

Got a blockchain based idea that you want to create? We will work with you to figure out how the idea can make technical sense. Using our Kralanx private blockchain platform we make your dreams become a reality by customizing our platform based on your specific needs. In this way, you can know for sure that your platform will work in exactly the way you need it to, without the traditional barriers of other DLT technologies. Contact us today to find out how we can help with your project.


Kralanx Private Blockchain Platform

Blockchain is undoubtedly an revolutionary method of storing data. Even though the first example was formed in 2008 via BTC we have barely scratched the surface of what this blockchain is really capable of. Cryptocurrency is perhaps the simplest example in which blockchain can thrive. Blockchain in fact has many more applications that have yet to be discovered.

Perhaps the most important feature of blockchain technology is that of trust less transactions. This is mainly due to the decentralized manner in which a blockchain is structured.  A transaction doesn’t necessarily need to be fiscal. Data can be transacted using a blockchain which can be have benefits to unique situations.


Doing this on a public blockchain does have it’s own drawbacks:

  • Data within a blockchain is query able by anybody on that blockchain
  • Transaction costs can be expensive
  • Transaction times can vary


Benefits of a Kralanx Private Blockchain Platform


Organizations may want to use a public blockchain for any of the above reasons which is why we create the Kralanx Private Blockchain Platform. This allows organizations to have all of the benefits of blockchain technology without any of the drawbacks.

Using our Kralanx Private Blockchain Platform, users can perform any blockchain related transactions using a fast, efficient and secure platform which is not accessible by the outside world.

This allows for smart contracts which are much more reliable than those which operate on a public blockchain. Because the blockchain would be purely your own, transactions would be almost instant and vastly reliable.

The speed of our blockchain can be attributed to the fact that the network is not clogged up with thousands of pending transactions. For the same reason, only members of that network can be query data within that chain meaning there is never any worry of outside intervention.

A blockchain of course needs a wallet to function which is something we have also built. Click here to learn more about our wallet.


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