Managed SIEM 24×7 Powered by AI + 1,000 Cyber Warriors


Managed SIEM as part of our MDR service for current cyber threats and protect your network, applications, and users round-the-clock. Get real-time alerting, log management, and compliance ready reporting. Detect known attacks and compliance violations at machine speed using our big data AI powered platform.

Continuous Evolving Monitoring

Traditional security monitoring services are built to meet compliance requirements, and detect known attacks by using pre-defined rules.

This approach cannot detect advanced, sophisticated attacks that are often hidden and bypass such rules. Our Security Monitoring service goes beyond compliance monitoring to build and constantly fine-tune rules for detecting threats.

Big Data-SIEM Platform

We bring in a managed SIEM service to collect event logs and security events 24/7. Process your data on our leading big data SIEM platform.

Continuously update and apply rules to detect and define known attacks. Receive actionable alerts and stay focused on the real threats

Contextual Use Cases

Managed SIEM use cases are built after evaluating your organization’s context and unique business risk. Our experts leverage a powerhouse of industry wise use cases and look at asset criticality, usage, connectivity, and user data to create custom use cases. As a result, you receive actionable alerts with lower false positives.

Managed SIEM

The Speed You Need

Detect long attack trees and complex rules much faster than a typical SIEM using our big data architecture. Our Managed SIEM service enables quick detection of known attacks much faster. Quick start with ready-to-use use cases and faster compliance to known standard and guidelines- ISO, PCI, HIPPA, NIST NESA, RBI, GDPR etc.

Extended Security Monitoring

Monitor on premise, hybrid cloud and pure cloud infrastructures. Our proprietary connectors, along with use cases allow us to detect attacks on cloud consoles, and protect your cloud infrastructure from many forms of deployment including PaaS and SaaS

24 x 7 Access

Access to security monitoring experts whom are ready to resolve queries on alerts and reports. This is coupled by ready to use reports to comply with known standard and compliance mandates.

Lower TCO

Lower your total cost of ownership by 73% when you use our SIEM platform as a result of no hardware, software and specialized skilled personal requirement.

Wider Risk Coverage

We have over 700 + use cases for detection for all known threats as well as the tools in place for meeting compliance requirements.

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