Hardcore Full Spectrum Pen Testing

Kralanx offers the best pen test services in the industry. With a team of almost 300 pen testers and a tool arsenal consisting of 80 different tools, our goal is simple:

To provide our customers with the best quality pen test in the shortest period of time.

Application Pen Test


Sometimes Referred to as a “Source Code Test”, this kind of test will provide you with vulnerability insight based on your the source code of your application.


Pure outside perspective; this kind of pen test is run on the executed code of your application. If you’re most weary of an purely external threat, this option is for you.


Does your website have some kind of login section which your users can access? If so choose this option.

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Network Pen Test


We will run a penetration test on your network environment from a perspective in which some form of access has already been granted. This would show you what a disgruntled employee could be capable of.


This kind of penetration test is run from an outside perspective. Imagine a hacker attempting to gain access from a remote location.


The most often overlooked security flaws are also the ones that are the most likely to succeed during exploitation.

Other Types Of Pen Testing Services Offered By: 

pen test
Web Service/API
Mobile App

App Source Code


Smart Contract Pen Testing


Solidity, Seleneium and everything in between. Kralanx can help determine which vulnerabilities are present, how important they are and how to fix them. For more info on other important security measures to take if you’re in the crypto space, click here.

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