The Importance Of Real Time Hack Protection

In the information age things move so quickly that it’s become almost impossible to keep up with latest developments. Hacking attacks are no exception, hence the importance of real time hack protection. While we would all like to think that we can be at our defense stations around the clock, that idea is vastly unfeasible. Unless we engineer ourselves to function on zero sleep or hire a huge infosec to be available around the clock; we’re going to need another solution.

Picture This All Too Relatable  Scenario

The infosec team leaves the office at 7pm, 7.30 p.m rolls around and a group of hackers take a stab at your infrastructure. Why would this happen at 7.30 p.m you may ask? Simple, because hackers are some of the smartest people on the planet and no hacker in their right mind is going to execute a hack while you’re fully staffed. They wait, patiently for the right moment. By the time you get in the next morning a group of malicious hackers have had a good 12 hours to frolic around in your network environment and as an info-sec you know that one of the worst months of your life is about to ensue. Fun fact: it takes an average of 35 days to respond to a hack attack according to DBIR- Data breach of Investigations Report.  This is drastically lower with real time hack protection, keep reading to find out.

real time hack protection

The Solution- Hybrid of AI & 1,000 Cyber Warriors

Traditional solution like SIEM tools for example do a great job of protecting you from known threats but for the most part all you get is an e-mail after the fact. Doesn’t really help because as I mentioned earlier, we all need to sleep. So just how do we solve this all important problem? It’s called Managed Detection & Response and it’s the best cyber security offering you’ve never heard of. So, how does it work? We monitor your system around the clock 24x7x365 using AI. Our AI keeps track of all threats in your environment both known and unknown. We then score each threat individually and when a threat does reach a certain level of criticallity, a human being looks at it within 15 mins. You read that right, 15 mins; This is the kind of response time that Infosec professionals can only dream of, but wait it gets better. Once it’s looked at by a team of people, a decision is taken on how to proceed, if it is determined that the specific alert in question definitely has malicious intent that a rule is sent to your firewall in real time to block that hackers activity. You literally cannot want for anything better with respect to managed detection & response.

real time hack protection

Trusted be 43 Fortune Companies and 700 Enterprises

Fortune companies specifically have some of the largest SOC teams on the planet, that doesn’t mean that they can be available around the clock, hence the need for 24×7 real time hack protection. This is why we are trusted to assists such institutions and boost their efficiency and effectiveness. Breaches are bound to happen, it’s a questions of “When” not “If”. Worth noting that we’re recommended by Gartner. We deal with a fair amount of breaches each month which means that we learn a lot and fast. In essence each time some of the largest companies in the world get hacked, you benefit from that knowledge and intelligence.

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