Threat Hunting


A Threat Hunting team and a streamlined AI platform that combines network, end-point, application, and user behavior threat analytics to uncover threats and attack campaigns that traditional security monitoring mechanisms miss. Data science and machine learning are used with security, user and IT data to enable the detection of unknown and hidden threats. There are now multiple security analytics technologies in market, including network threat analytics (NTA), user behavior analytics (UBA), endpoint threat analytics/endpoint detection and response (EDR), and application threat analytics (ATA). Our MDR service converts such analytics into actionable outcomes of detecting potential threats that have

bypassed traditional security controls.

Top 9 Methods for Advanced Threats

1.  Advanced Malware

2. Social Engineering

3. Lateral Movement

4. Insider Threats

5. Transaction Fraud

6. Account Takeover

7. Data Exfiltration

8. Run-time App Exploits

9. Encrypted Attacks

We input your data from your log files, network traffic, packets, user access, application and endpoints into our big data analytics platform. Our platform uses data science models and machine learning algorithms to detect suspicious and anomalous activities. A specialized threat hunting team then analyzes these outputs and queries the data and systems further to detect threats that may have bypassed other security controls. Advanced threats can come through variety of ways. For example, the Top 9 Attack Methods used by attackers to evade traditional monitoring tools such as SIEM are listed above. Attackers do not use single method- all attacks will have combination of malware, lateral movement, etc. Attack campaign or chain can be any combination of the top 9 methods or more methods. They can’t be detected by just one type of analytics. They can only be detected when you have all the 4 Dimensions of Analytics working in an integrated manner.
Threat Hunting

What Does Kralanx Offer?

You will benefit from 4 dimensional security analysis which covers networks, end points, users and application threats.

You will get a full analysis spectrum pushed through a single interface which will simplify the process of dealing with these kinds of issues.

High speed detection looks at the full attack kill chain to ensure that you are fully covered.

Our threat hunting team have an organized approach to engage with your MSSP or SOC.



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